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Howdy. This is Seth Ruland, and welcome to my website about growing hydroponic tomatoes. I find growing tomatoes to be very rewarding. It starts with choosing the right seeds, and within a few days they start sprouting. Add a little nutrition, and pretty soon you have a very easy hydroponic grower. I have a lot of experience doing this and I've shared all my tips in this site. Please drop me a line if you have any questions!

Commercial Hydroponics Cultivation

Commercial hydroponics is a completely feasible way to cultivate hydroponic tomatoes, herbs and vegetables at indoor and outdoor locations. Almost any plant can grow with commercial hydroponics systems provided that the nutrient balance is correct.

Commercial hydroponics systems cultivate nearly every kind of plant with the help of large scale hydroponic watering systems. Researchers have noted that these gardening systems could produce more food as compared to soil based systems. The commercial hydroponics companies also do not use pesticides and herbicides and they use organic pest management systems to ensure that the plants are cultivated as organically as possible. Usually, commercial hydroponics companies charge a higher rate for their produce as these vegetables and fruits can automatically be classified as pesticide and chemical free and completely organic. For large companies, hydroponic gardening is very economically feasible. The benefits of commercial hydroponics systems include the following:

1-Most commercial hydroponics systems can be cultivated with nutrient systems inside greenhouses. As a result, the company does save on land and outdoor workers. Growers can manipulate the multiple seedlings in a single greenhouse resulting in improved care and attention to the plants and a bigger yield.

2-Customers have become much more aware of what they are eating and they are more likely to use commercial hydroponics-cultivated vegetables as they are completely free of soil-based pesticides and chemicals. The produce can be certified by the FDA to be organic and chemical free and this means that the produce is in higher demand.

3-Water is one of the most important resources in our world and irrigation requires a large amount of water. Careless use of water can result in a huge loss of natural resources that can result in an eventual depletion of water. Moreover, natural methods of cultivation can actually be very difficult to continue with. Commercial hydroponics farming can actually save a lot of water. Researchers have noted that commercial hydroponic farming can actually use about 1/20th of the water that is used in soil farming. The water is also prevented from running off as it is collected again and recycled with additional nutrients to feed plants again.

4-Commercial hydroponics farming also uses metal halide lamps that will provide natural sunlight to the plants to encourage them to grow faster and thicker. The lights also supplement sunlight and increased the daytime exposure of the plant. This means that farming companies can actually get a faster and plentiful yield.

5-Commercial hydroponics farming strictly climate-controls the farms. This means that any variety of food can be cultivated anywhere in the world. The water, temperature and humidity of food can be controlled resulting in much better food production.

Commercial hydroponics systems are the wave of the future and they could be the solution for food shortage solutions.

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